Question Journal

A notetaking app that helps you answer your biggest questions

Question Journal lets you document your questions and notes about them over time, centering curiosity in your learning.

Screenshot of Question Journal

In the past few years, I've found asking "bad questions" to be one of my most meaningful sources of learning and exploration. I've kept a Notion table full of questions, with notes added over time.

I've since moved off of Notion, but wanted to continue my question-asking habits and have a well-built system to support it. I think there's a lot of potential to question-centric notetaking, too, extending beyond Notion's capabilities. Thus, for my own sake and as a platform for experimentation, Question Journal was born.

If you value learning and curiosity, I'd encourage you to try out Question Journal too, or simply keep a list of questions in your preferred app. It'll do you wonders.

Question Journal is still in development. It's a simple project, but not a priority of mine to build, so it may take a while 😅 Sign up for the waitlist above to be notified when it's ready, or follow me on Twitter for updates!